+ CTG is the Latin American Summit of Communication + Talent + Innovation + Marketing, the comprehensive meeting of the creative industry in the region.


It brings together the main actors of the creative industry, leading players in sectors such as marketing, advertising and communications, as well as international multilateral entities such as the Government, the UN, economic associations, the media of the industry and academia, among others.

The creative industry is not alien to sustainability, we have everything to do with it, there is a direct relationship.

The great underlying problem that we face as humanity has to do with achieving sustainable development, which refers to issues that go far beyond the environment. The crisis resulting from the pandemic goes beyond the drops in sales or the uncertainty that forces people and companies to use creativity as a tool to survive.



The marketing, communication and advertising industries make and can make great contributions for the benefit of humanity. + CTG will highlight the initiatives and entrepreneurs that contribute to Sustainable Development and that in this way contribute to building a better reality.

If we generate awareness between what we do and the result, we are contributing and contributing to the sustainability objectives, specifically SDG 12 | Responsible Production and Consumption, it is fulfilled better and faster, making the future viable for all.

Sustainability seems to be synonymous with talking about ecology, nature or environmental care, but if the goals that the planet must meet before 2030 are reviewed, there are at least 17 additional issues that must be addressed immediately to avoid the extinction of the planet. The specific issue of responsible production and consumption corresponds to us, and professionals who are part of the industry must understand it.



As a creative industry, which is the engine of development and well-being because it is capable of promoting and energizing other industries, we are driven by the higher purpose of creating, disseminating and practicing responsible production and consumption.


+ CTG 2021 wants to be the convergence scenario in which time, space and place meet with the right audience and with the senders of messages most related to them. All of the above under the slogan of the important role that the marketing and advertising sectors have in responsible production and consumption, which allow us to generate a fair, sustainable development consistent with the reality in which we live. Get involved, be the leading actor on the sustainable development scene.


Ximena Tapias,

President of the UCEP and of + CTG



This is the key moment in history in which the actions of each one are decisive for the immediate and future well-being of all. Be part of the great collective movement that will rewrite a possible future.